NOVANO-Resysta Fences

Durable, Long-lasting, and Customizable

Novano Fences: Durable, Long-lasting, and Customizable

Our profiles for fences are the perfect choice for your garden fencing needs. Thanks to their exceptional UV resistance, these fences made from Resysta stay vibrant and beautiful for years without fading. Unlike traditional wood, our fence elements do not swell, preventing the paint from peeling and ensuring a longer lifespan. But that’s not all – We offer a unique opportunity to customize your fence to your personal preferences.

Material Blends for Modern Privacy Solutions

In today’s era, material blends are a trend in the field of privacy fences, and our modular fence system makes it easy for you to embrace this trend in your garden. Combine Novano fence elements to give your privacy screen a modern appearance. Setting up a Novano privacy fence made from Resysta is straightforward and requires no specialized knowledge or craftsmanship. You will find all the necessary materials and instructions.
Discover the versatility of Resysta fences and design your garden fence according to your wishes and needs.

Novano Fence, PTFP T

Resysta Profile
Aluminum Insert
20 x 150 x 1850mm


Resysta Profile
Aluminum Insert
20 x 167 x 1850mm

Fence Post
90mm x 90mm x 1900mm

Fence Post Cover
20mm x 20mm x 1900mm

Top Cap
Steel coated, 90 x 90mm