Classic or modern – with the exclusive finish, which was specially developed for the NOVANO profiles, the facade profiles are perfectly processed and protected against the ingress of dirt and environmental influences.
With selected color shades, the surface of your choice can be easily created.

Transparent colored surfaces

With our specially developed water-based coating system, surfaces acquire a warm color tone with individually elegant transparency. Each profile receives its own distinctive shade with the paint. These subtle differences in color and texture give Novano surfaces a natural wood appearance.

In addition to the natural wood look, our special coating system, consisting of a primer and transparent-colored sealant, ensures high stability and durability. This process enhances weather resistance and protects against sunlight.

standard colors

special colors


Our coating concept consists of a primer RBP and a transparent colored sealing lacquer RCL, which were specially developed for use on NOVANO profiles.

Both coatings are water-based, which extends the environmental benefits of our products.