NOVANO 3“ Rhombus profile with RESYSTA

After installation, the NOVANO facade 3″ rhombus profile is reminiscent of a rhombus or trapezoidal profile.
Rhombus moldings are an evergreen when it comes to facade design. The appearance of the facade appears linear, simple and tidy. The name rhombus strip refers to the profile cross-section with beveled edges.

The perfect facade profile made with RESYSTA

3″ rhombus profile from NOVANO – the best solution for your facade

This profile was specially developed for a traditional facade look. It was inspired by a classic “rhombus profile”.

The 3″ rhombus profile from NOVANO with a wood look is the first choice for the modern design of facades. On the one hand, it creates a clear, straight and natural look. In addition, it also ensures optimal protection of the outer walls.

The term rhombus – sometimes “trapezium” is also used – is explained by the cross-sectional profile of the elements used, in which the parallel edges were beveled. The elements used are then mounted horizontally on the wall so that each edge ensures that water, wind and dirt are drained away from the outer wall – a simple and very effective principle. In addition, the facade elements from NOVANO are much lighter than wood and, thanks to a special substructure, much quicker and easier to assemble.

With NOVANO you also get a particularly durable and weatherproof material. The natural materials used include from the silicates that are contained in the husk of rice grains and protect the grain from moisture as well as heat and cold. The NOVANO profiles are far more durable than real wood and still look like it. The water-based paint we developed ourselves also contributes to this, giving the profile a particularly natural and not too even look. For this reason, the colors on the facade appear very warm. Of course, there is the possibility to choose between different light and dark colors. At the same time, the stain gives each individual element further protection. Standard colors are C14 Siam Teak and C24 Java Teak. There are 28 other colors available by special order.

The NOVANO-RESYSTA 3″ Rhombus Profile offers several advantages over other facade profiles:

  1. Traditional Appearance: This profile is specifically designed for a traditional facade look, reminiscent of a classic rhombus profile.
  2. Clear, Straightforward, and Natural Appearance: The profile creates a clear, straight, and natural look on the facade.
  3. Protection of Exterior Walls: Thanks to its special cross-sectional profile, the NOVANO efficiently channels away water, wind, and dirt from the exterior wall, ensuring optimal protection.
  4. Lightweight and Easy to Install: NOVANO facade elements are made from Resysta, making them significantly lighter than wooden profiles. They are also faster and easier to install thanks to a special substructure.
  5. Durable and Weather-Resistant: The NOVANO profile is composed of “Resysta” – a durable and weather-resistant material that protects against moisture, heat, and cold. This ensures the profiles’ longevity while still resembling real wood.
  6. Natural Color Appearance: The water-based paint gives the profile a natural and warm appearance. Various light and dark shades are available.
  7. Additional Protection with Stain: Each element is coated with a stain that provides extra protection.

These advantages make the NOVANO 3″ Rhombus Profile a premier choice for aesthetically pleasing facade design with lasting protection, featuring the key benefits of RESYSTA material

Rhombus Profile made with Resysta
Novano Rhombus Profile made with Resysta, cross-section

Novano 3“ Rhombus Profil
70mm x 18mm x 3,65m
NVRPH701836C23 – Aged Teak
NVRPH701836C7016 – Anthrazit

With the recyclable material from NOVANO, you also make your contribution to nature conservation and conserve the resources of the valuable raw material wood. Careful handling of wood as a building material ensures that forests are less stressed and overexploitation is avoided. In this way, nature stays in balance without having to do without a rhombic design in a natural wood look on the house facade. Live with the pleasant feel of wood without having to use wood.

Perfect finish

Our aluminum profiles are the perfect addition to our NOVANO profiles.

Perfect finish

Our aluminum profiles are the perfect addition to our NOVANO profiles.

TEC Schulter Schraube 25mm

shoulder screw

NVCPSS25250 25mm, 250 pieces per pack

25mm TEC shoulder screw for aluminum substructure



A= 22mm | B= 30mm | L= 4m

Aluminum profile starter strip

Quik-Trim J-Mold with PVC Base

Dimensions= 25x20mm| Length= 3.05 m

Aluminum strip end profile

Quik-Trim Windows J-Mold with PVC Base

Dimensions= 25x40mm| Length= 3.05 m

SIDING Window J-Mold

Quik-Trim Outside Corner with PVC Base

Dimensions= 25x25mm| Length= 3.05 m


Quik-Trim Inside Corner with PVC Base

Dimensions= 40x40mm| Length= 3.05 m


Quik-Trim H-Mold with PVC Base

Dimension: 40mm | Length: 3.05m




A= 20mm | B= 38mm | L= 4m


unpainted, blank / mill finish

Siding Unterkonstruktion hinterlüftet Pressblank (20mm x 38mm)

Substructure, ventilated

NVSHTC10PA= 20mm | B= 38mm | L= 4m


Ventilated, press blank / mill finish