Build in a new innovative way

Protect nature thanks to a wood alternative

NOVANO is an innovative replacement that is a real game changer in sustainable house building.

The name NOVANO is made up of the words “Nova Ligno”, which means “new wood”. This is a natural fiber that is also recyclable as a material.

It’s amazingly similar to the original, but thankfully it doesn’t fade over time. Thanks to this novel product, it is now possible to feel the warmth, homeliness and security that wood conveys without needing it in its natural form. This was and is the quintessence of Novano’s production.

Novano Bungalow

A terrace to relax on, a fence to protect your own property, beautiful furniture for the ultimate feel-good factor – wood has become an indispensable part of the apartment, house and garden in its diversity.

But with a view to sustainability and curbing the overexploitation of nature, it is time to find an adequate replacement for the naturally renewable raw material for house construction and the interior.

NOVANO profiles

The best and most sustainable facade cladding on the market

Novano and Rainscreen Systems

A rainscreen system is a type of building envelope that is designed to protect a building from water infiltration. It consists of a layer of siding or cladding that is installed over a layer of insulation and a moisture barrier, with a space (called the “rainscreen”) between them to allow for ventilation and drainage.


NOVANO creates extraordinary residential and commercial buildings